There’s a lot of new information on The Hooded Man website for anyone going to the convention in May.

Sad to see that Chepstow Castle is no longer included in the experience but hopefully a group of people will want to go cause I really want to see it!

Guests are still being announced too so I guess we’ll see who to expect for the Q&As, autographs, and photo sessions.


(via The Hooded Man)

A friend of mine just posted this to her FB. I was all of 17. OMG.


A friend of mine just posted this to her FB. I was all of 17. OMG.


I’m kind of amazed that the Hooded Man convention is nearly a month away and we still haven’t heard from Michael Praed! FOR THE LOVE OF SHERWOOD JUST SAY YES!


Some Sad News in Regards to The Hooded Man Con

From the FB page:

I’m very sad to announce that the man of many cabbages, Edward of Wickham (aka Jeremy Bulloch), has had to pull out of attending ‘The Hooded Man’ celebrations. He was very sorry to do so but will be appearing in his Boba Fett guise at a big ‘Star Wars’ event in France on the same weekend. However, he has sent a stack of signed photographs, which can be bought at the weekend. He has promised to come to the next one, if we continue with a regular event! Of course, behind the scenes, I’ve been working on securing two more guests and - if I can give them a Chinese Burn hard enough - I can hopefully announce them soon.

So Jeremy Bulloch will no longer be attending. But on the other hand the organizers are talking about securing two more guests. Please let one of them be Michael Praed.


Yes, I’m still here, lurking in the forest. I’m going to try to get more updates on this blog what with the Hooded Man Convention fast approaching. It’s literally under two months away and I don’t know about anyone else who might be going but I’m not as prepared as I thought I would be.

For those of you who might be new to this blog and are not familiar with the Hooded Man Convention, here’s the info. Basically it’s a Robin Of Sherwood convention taking place May 3rd and 4th in Wales. Many guests will be there and there will also be a tribute to Kip Carpenter, the creator of the show who passed away two years ago.

Also, I’m going to try to create more gifs from the series (both Praed and Connery years). As you know, I take requests (and still have more arrow scenes to gif, I realize). Also, I’m going to create a birthday page for the cast.


Anybody remembers?


Anybody remembers?

Can you recommend any shows like ROS?

Hmm…well, the only shows that really come to mind are “Legend of the Seeker” and “Hercules” that I can see similarities between in terms of the action and purpose-driven quests. ROS is kind of unique though. Does anyone else have any suggestions?